Time to Spring Clean Your Roofline

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Spring is here. As I write, it’s turning out to be a little wetter, colder (snow in March – where did that come from?) than we might have wanted! But the days are definitely getting longer, the weather will get noticeably milder and gardens will start to look lush and green again following the dormant season. Time to Spring Clean your Roofline.

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t pay that much attention to the exterior of your property during the colder months. When it’s dark and cold, the last thing you want to do is go outside. But when spring comes, you start spending a little more time in the garden, thinking about preparing for the warmer months and looking again at those jobs that you preferred not to think about over the winter.

The outside of your house has a big impact on the enjoyment of your garden. If your house looks tatty and badly maintained, it doesn’t really matter how beautiful your garden is – you’ll still be bothered by peeling paintwork, tumbledown gutters and broken brackets. Just as you spring-clean the inside of your home around this time of year, so you also want to spruce up the outside.

When you’re enjoying life outdoors, you want to be able to feel proud of the outside of your house. It’s a good feeling, knowing that your property is all sorted out for summer, with no nagging worries about leaky gutters, cracked fascia boards or inadequate insulation around the roofline.

That’s probably why the number of enquiries we receive at Anglia Roofline tends to increase around this time of year. People are taking a good look at the exterior of their property for the first time in the year, and resolving to tackle the jobs they’ve been putting off. And that rush to sort out the roofline can be good news for our customers, because it reduces the sum they pay.

Our ‘summer standby’ programme allows customers to save hundreds of pounds on the cost of roofline work by being flexible over timing. Basically, if you don’t mind when we carry out the work at your property, we’ll schedule your job to coincide with our own quiet weeks during the summer – and offer you a saving in return. The amount you receive depends on the length of your job, and can be as much as £825 – around one-third of the value of a typical roofline replacement.

‘Summer standby’ really kicks in towards the end of the summer, so if you take a decision to have your roofline replaced now, you’ve still got several months to save up the cost, as well as a healthy saving to look forward to.

What’s more, any price we quote you now will be locked in for nine months. That protects you from ever-increasing material costs that continue to drive up the price of plastic guttering, soffits and fascia boards, as well as the rising prices charged for asbestos removal, due to the scarcity of dedicated disposal sites. The cost of complying with health and safety legislation is also going up all the time. So while you can certainly wait a year or two before sorting out your roofline, you’ll almost certainly pay more for the privilege.

However and whenever you have the work done, a newly refreshed roofline really does look superb. The brand-new boards are perfectly gloss white, and they’ll stay looking that way for years to come. You may not spend that long looking at your roof over summer, but whenever you do, you’ll feel a real sense of pride at a job well done.

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