Fascia Boards Replacement

How do you know when you need to consider Fascia Boards Replacement?

Leave Wooden Fascias Too Long & The Rot Sets in Costing You More Money in the Long Term

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The fascia board is the protective board that covers the ends of the timber roof joists to stop the ingress of rain or snow into the roof and wall cavity of your home. It is usually combined with a soffit to close off the gap between the felt, tiles and wall of the property. This area is also known as the eaves or roofline of a house.

Being constantly exposed to weather, timber fascias can become perished over time.

Timber fascia is also prone to rot and decay due to water that runs off the roof. Guttering and roof metal drip edges that have been installed poorly can also contribute to rot. Once your timber fascia begins to rot, water can leak inside the soffit and bring about costly damage. A soffit is the underside of your home’s eaves and is generally one of the most vulnerable parts of your home.

As a general rule of thumb, you can test the fascia for damage by looking for signs of peeling paint. If you find this, further test it by poking it with an ice pick or screw driver. If the timber board gives way under that pressure, then it is time to have it replaced. All these signs indicate that you will need rotten timber repair.

The desire to save money by patching up the roofline, instead of replacing it, is entirely understandable. Many of our own customers felt that way. But they found that, while they could put off the roofline and fascia replacement for a few years, the problem didn’t go away.

So they ended up spending twice over: once to do the job cheaply, and again to do it properly. From a long-term perspective, running repairs to an ageing roofline are a false economy when compared to fascia replacement.

There are really two methods available when installing new Upvc fascias.

Upvc Fascia Boards Replacement or Fascia Boards Cover?

  1. Fascia Board Cover
    The first is to simply clad the fascia board, but bear in mind that the new plastic will be fixed onto an already old and weak fascia. The initial cost to do this is lower than using a full fascia boards replacement system; however timber is a living organism, the wood sweats accelerating the problem by locking the moisture in to the board. This often gets done if the customer is thinking of moving home at that time.
  2. Fascia Boards Replacement
    Only by removing the entire old wood can you are sure that the new Upvc boards fitted are fixing on to solid rafter feet, ensuring that the roofline stays water tight and dry.

Anglia roofline offers an insurance backed 10 year warranty on all roofline products an installations.

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Fascia Boards Replacement Colour Options
Fascia Boards Replacement Colour Options

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