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If you are thinking of having a flat roof replacement, and want some quick advice, simply click the play button on this 2½ minute video:

If you are not sure if you actually need to replace your flat roof covering I suggest you check for these signs of wear and tear:

  • Roof Felting worn thin – especially on the edges
  • Water pooling on the surface – over time water pools degrade the felting material that is keeping your property dry
  • Damp patches on the ceiling inside – a sure sign your flat roof covering is already letting water in

IA Flat roof is prone to leakingf you’ve spotted any of these problems it really is time to act before your situation gets worse.

Attempting to patch an area in the roof felting on a flat roof that’s prone to leaking is not always the best solution.

Sometimes replacing the roofing completely is the best long term decision you can make.

Flat Roof Replacement – What Are The Options?

What type of flat roof covering should you go for? There are many types; here are four of the most popular types people have installed on their flat roof:What's the best replacement covering for a flat roof?

  • Polyvinyl Chloride – this chemically produced material is best for small flat roof surface areas, such as sheds or garages. However, if a low grade material is used it can become brittle through exposure to sunlight over long periods. Cheaper material is likely to sag, creating pools of trapped water on your flat roof surface.
  • Asphalt – is a liquid compound that is sticky and is used to coat the flat roof surface. It is similar to the material used on pavements and roads. It does need to be applied by a professional contractor and you may have to put up with noxious fumes during installation. The main issue is that water slowly degrades the surface so it is not really recommended as a long-term solution.
  • Fibreglass – is a combination of materials but primarily it is a fibre reinforced plastic resin intercut with fibres of glass for strength. It is extremely versatile and can last for 20 to 30 years. However, it is significantly more expensive than other flat roof covering options.
  • Flat roof rubber installationsRubber – this is a bituminous waterproof material known as EPDM – Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is an extremely weatherproof flat roof covering and withstands the long-term effects of intense rain and sunshine. It is easy to repair if any damage occurs (such as a tree falling on your property). It is ‘cold-fitted’ and contains no toxic ingredients so is environmentally friendly.

Which Flat Roof Covering Do We Recommend?

Our recommendation, for less hassle for you during fitting and a worry-free long term solution, is to opt for the rubberised (EPDM) solution. Why is this a better choice?

  • There are no hot liquids pouring onto your flat roof (a friend told me about the re-roofing carried out on her dormer flat roof. . . an aperture around a vent pipe allowed hot, bituminous asphalt to leak into her airing cupboard ruining a large quantity of her bed-linen – she was not a happy lady!).
  • No naked flames are used on your flat roof to seal joins, as required for other bituminous roofing materials. It also means there are no toxic fumes around your property during installation.
  • The material we use; RubberCover® supplied by the reputable firm Firestone™, is guaranteed for 20 years with a stated life expectancy of 50 years (based on an EPDM scientific test survey carried out by SKZ—TeConA GmbH, Würzburg on 24/3/2004).).
  • Firestone RubberCoverRubberCover® is environmentally friendly – in most cases it can be laid over existing roof felting, eliminating the cost and environmental issues of disposing of the old material currently fitted on your flat roof. EPDM is recyclable so disposal, when the time does come to refit, has no impact on landfill sites.

Where Can RubberCover® Be Installed?

RubberCover® is suitable for all types of residential flat roof surfaces; from a dormer roof to a summer house, as you can see in the panel of photos of installations.

Choosing a Professional For Your Flat Roof Installation

Choosing a reputable firm to supply and fit your new flat roof covering is key. Like any building work, shoddy fitting can create unnecessary problems. So why choose Anglia Roofline?

  • Our fitters are trained and accredited to fit Firestone RubberCover® EPDM systems
  • We are a family-owned business and do not employ high-pressure salesmen or techniques, in fact I carry out all our roofing surveys myselfcpa_logo_sml
  • Our work is guaranteed – we are members of the Consumer Protection Association
  • Anglia Roofline specialises in roofline and flat-roofing solutions

You can trust us to deliver top quality customer service. I know, everyone says that, but take a look at our record on the referenceline website where we have an average 9.5/10 rating given by more than 260 customers:

referenceline screenshot - 9.5/10 rating

Quick, Unintrusive Survey & Quote

As I said, we do not employ high-pressure salesmen or questionable selling techniques. It takes me less than 30 minutes to inspect your flat roof and I give you a written report and quotation for you to consider at your convenience.

Contact me now to organise an appointment to suit you.Simply call 01603 872 049 or fill in our contact form to request a no-obligation visit and quote.

Kind regards


Simon Steward, MD

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