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Our Services


Fascia Boards Replacement

The fascia board is the protective board that covers the ends of the timber roof joists to stop the ingress of rain or snow into the roof and wall cavity of your home.

Sofit Replacement

Soffit Replacement

Soffits, in particular deep overhanging soffit boards, are at risk for water damage typically because of overflowing gutters or ice in cold conditions.

Guttering Replacement

Guttering Replacement

Functional, well fitted guttering is often overlooked until something goes wrong with them – I meet many homeowners weekly & without doubt the roofline component that causes the biggest headache is the guttering, there are many reasons for this…

UPVC cladding replacement

UPVC Cladding Replacement

Often one of the most striking external areas on a property is the Timber External Cladding area found on the front wall or around the dormer windows of your home. It is also the area that requires the most maintenance.


Flat Roof Replacement

If you are not sure if you actually need to replace your flat roof covering I suggest you check for these signs of wear and tear:

  • Roof Felting worn thin – especially on the edges.
  • Water pooling on the surface – over time water pools degrade the felting material that is keeping your property dry.
  • Damp patches on the ceiling inside – a sure sign your flat roof covering is already letting water in.

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