The Pride of a Job Well Done

Once we’ve completed the work on their fascias, soffits or guttering, many of our clients tell us that their strongest feeling is one of pride. While they may have previously been embarrassed by the way their roof line looked, they can now take pride in a clean, beautifully  finished roof line that provides the perfect finishing touch the ‘look and f eel’ of their property.

Sometimes, people are prompted to address problems around the roof line when they realise that their property is looking under-maintained in comparison with their neighbours. Even though the fascias or soffits may be in reasonable shape in physical terms, it only takes a few years for paintwork to start looking tatty. In contrast, replacing the roof line with uPVC (plastic) materials transforms the appearance of the whole property, putting nearby properties in the shade.

While the roof line may not immediately seem the most prominent or eye-catching part of a property, improving this area can actually have a dramatic impact on the visual appeal of your home. Although the roof line area itself is small, the eye is naturally drawn to it because it forms the boundary between roof and wall. That’s why flaking paintwork or splitting timbers can stand out a mile – but a brand-new roof line in Upvc finishes of f a property beautifully, providing a strong sense of reassurance both to the home-owner and to any potential buyer too. While you may not be anticipating selling your property any time soon, it’s always reassuring to know that if you did need to, f or whatever reason, the exterior is already well-maintained and looking good.

Replacing all the elements of your roof line gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you don’t have to worry about them f or years to come. All our materials and workmanship are guaranteed f or at least 10 years, so you can relax in the knowledge that whatever happens, you’ll be enjoying a great-looking roof line f or decades with no maintenance or replacement costs. And that’s a feeling that you simply can’t get from traditional wood and paint.

On top of that, the f act that the roof line has been fully inspected during the course of our work gives additional reassurance that the purlings, roofing felt and other elements are definitely sound, free from damp and now fully protected. It’s a really good feeling!

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