Installing Gutters

Roofline Replacement: Final Steps (6) – Installing Gutters & Closing The Roofline Installing gutters and closing your roofline are the final steps in this ‘how to replace your roofline’ series. Gutters disperse water from your roof throughout the year. Installing gutters properly is important because whilst an incorrectly fitted gutter may cope with water from […]

Bargeboard Installation

Roofline Replacement Step 5 – Bargeboard Installation Bargeboards are installed after the soffits are fitted. There are two types of bargeboard design and each is dependent upon how you want the ‘box end’ to look. To make a box end supportive and cosmetically appealing, you must take exact measurements.   Bargeboard Box End Finish There […]

Installing Fascias

Roofline Replacement Step 4 – Installing Fascias Installing fascias from this point is straight forward provided you have completed the previous stages correctly. In this post I’m covering fascia installation on tiled runs and flat roofs. Gable fascias (bargeboards) are covered in my next ‘How-to’ post. Fascias are a structural component of your roofline so […]

Studwork (Noggins)

Studding Out – ‘Noggins’ In the construction trade, studwork to strengthen walls and joists are called ‘noggins’. Studding out runs are only needed if the run of your roofline has fascias and soffits. Whilst rafters and rafter feet are the main structure of your roof and roofline, studding out gives extra support for your fascia […]

Soffits Installation

Roofline Replacement Step 3 – Installing New Soffits After you have ripped out the old roofline and repaired the rafter feet (if needed) installing soffits is the next stage when replacing your roofline. Soffits can be found in several areas of a property; they can be on a typical gutter run, a gable end or […]

Rafter Feet

Roofline Replacement Step 2 – Preparing Rafter Feet The rafter feet are a key part of your roofline structure. They must be solid so you can fit your replacement roofline components. In my previous post, Roofline Ripping Out, I described how to remove the visible components of your existing roofline. The next stage is to […]

Roofline Ripping Out

Roofline Replacement Step 1 – Roofline Ripping Out Before you start your roofline ripping out task make sure you have easy, safe access to all areas. Removing your old roofline can sometimes hold the most risk in the whole roofline replacement process. Rusted nails or unattached soffits can mean that parts of your roofline may […]

Roofline Nest

Remove A Roofline Nest When you find a roofline nest it may not be one made by birds. Other creatures, given the chance, may take up residence too. Some creatures you can take action to get rid of, others are protected species. For example, legally, you cannot disturb bird nests if they contain eggs or […]

Roofline Repairs in Spring

Is Spring A Good Time for Roofline Repairs? Carrying out your roofline repairs in spring may seem to be the right time to do it. But, before you get your ladder and paintbrush out, there are a few things you need to think about first. How Much Work is Needed for Your Roofline Repairs? Take […]

Roofline Repair Tools

Roofline Repair Tools Roofline repair tools, like any other tools, should be good enough to do the job properly. You may find that about 50% of the tools you need to repair or replace your roofline are in your general household toolbox. This is a list of the roofline repair tools my fitters use when […]