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Anglia Roofline company director, Simon Steward, talking About Anglia Roofline

Simon Steward – Company Director

Who ever heard of a specialist roofline replacement company?

Yet, if you need to have new fascia boards, guttering and soffits fitted on your roofline surely a specialist roofline replacement company is better than one that offers roofline replacements as an add-on service?

When I decided to start this company, back in April 2003, I decided I didn’t want to be a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ type of company, offering double-glazing and conservatories, with roofline replacement services as a by-product.

I felt that folks looking for a new uPVC roofline would want to be sure the company fitting it had in-depth experience of the products, of how they should be fitted and a high quality work ethic.

I was surprised that my work colleagues at the time didn’t think my idea of starting a specialist roofline replacement company was viable. They said the accepted wisdom in home improvements was that a company would need to sell double glazed windows & conservatories too; fascia boards, soffits and guttering replacement was merely a side line to fall back on.

People like you have proved them wrong! Our specialist roofline replacement company has installed over 3000 rooflines throughout Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire.

So How Has This Happened?

When I started this company I took a hard, serious look at what (if anything) had upset people about the company that had supplied and fitted their roofline. I wanted to be sure that my company never gave anyone cause for complaint.

The three most frequent issues raised were:

  1. High Pressure Selling – particularly irritating when the sales person out-stayed their welcome!
  2. Concern about the quality of the products supplied
  3. Installers attitude and work ethic – for example bad timekeeping and not clearing up properly

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate not all suppliers are like this… sometimes they only fail on one point, but I decided to nip any chance of any of this happening right in the bud and right from the start and that’s why I decided offering a specialist roofline replacement service was the right route to go.

This is what Anglia Roofline delivers:

  • A Personal Service: You are not dealing with commission-seeking sales people. You get a personal visit from me to carry out your survey and give you your quote. And you know exactly how long I stay for – 30 minutes maximum – you do not have to try to push me out of the door!
  • specialist roofline replacement materials - guaranteed 20 yearsHigh Quality Material: There are different grades of uPVC. I researched and made sure the material we use is top quality. Our White uPVC products have a 20 year guarantee from the manufacturer and our Woodgrain & Rosewood Replacement Fascias are guaranteed for 10 years against discolouration, warping & cracking. You want to be sure your new roofline has a long lifespan, don’t you?
  • Expert Installation: We don’t use multi-disciplined sub–contractors that install a wide range of uPVC products such as double-glazing and doors – my installation teams are employed by my roofline company to service your roofline only; fitting fascias, guttering, bargeboards and soffits – we are a specialist roofline replacement company.
  • specialist roofline replacement company, Anglia Roofline, has a customer rating 9.5/10Customer Focused Service: Your roofline is installed by our highly experienced, professional installation teams. They always get amazingly favourable customer feedback on their politeness, consideration, timeliness and tidiness. You can read other customers’ views on our Referenceline page.
  • specialist roofline replacement company, Anglia Roofline, is CPA Member No 1195Reassurance: For your added peace of mind my company, Anglia Roofline, is a member of the Consumer Protection Association, Number:1195. What this means is you have an insured 10-year guarantee from CPA if we have to cease trading (I can assure you that is not likely to happen!) You can check the validity of our membership on the Consumer Protection Association website.

I have built my entire specialist roofline replacement business (and its reputation) by focusing on this one uPVC installation service. It means your roofline is installed by a team that has a deeper knowledge, more focused expertise and a genuine commitment to making sure you get the results you want with the minimum hassle.

How To Choose Your Ideal (Specialist) Roofline Replacement Company

Before choosing the roofline replacement company you want to use, ask these six questions:

  1. What other uPVC installation work does your team do apart from roofline replacement? Are you a specialist roofline replacement company? (Anglia Roofline is, we focus on this one aspect of uPVC installations).
  2. What experience do you have? (My company has been fitting roofline replacements since 2003) .
  3. How many installations have you done in my local area? (Anglia Roofline have completed over 3000 in Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire).
  4. What guarantees do you offer? (We guarantee all our materials and work).
  5. Are your customers able to give feedback on an independent reference website? If so, what is your rating and where can I see it? (Anglia Roofline has an average of 9.5/10 on the Referenceline website).
  6. Where can I see some of your installations? (We are happy to share our specialist roofline replacement installation details subject to our customer’s agreement).

As a member of Norfolk Trusted Trader, you can be sure that Anglia Roofline is the competent, reliable and highly skilled specialist roofline replacement company you are looking for in and around the Norfolk area.

Call me on 01603 872 049 today to arrange a free, no-obligation quotation and survey. Or email me at info@angliaroofline.co.uk. You can also fill out our on-line contact form to request your free estimate.





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